10 Sexiest Nude Beaches in the World

Many people are still living in quarantine: without the gay clubs, meetings and adventures they may be used to.But even in isolation, it is possible to look for places on the Internet, planning a summer vacation in advance. Nudist beaches, traditionally popular with gay men, are a suitable option.

As you’re getting ready to go, make sure you bring cream, hand sanitizer, and rainbow masks. And don’t forget the two-meter distance, no matter how much you want to break it with the guy lying on the next towel.

You, of course, preferred the nudist beach. So here is a list of those that are open this summer season. Please read the rules of conduct in each of these places.

Praia do Abrico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema is a cool place. But if you’re looking for an Ipanema guy, you have a better chance of finding him sunbathing on his back 25 miles west of Copacabana at “Apricot Beach,” popular with gay men since the mid-1940s. You can enjoy the sight of mild, reserved and handsome guys there, watching these groups from sunrise to sunset.

Obelisk Beach, Mosman, Australia

The beach is located at the northern end of Sydney Harbor. All you need is a bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of water. You can sunbathe naked on the beach, and while there may be fewer visitors than at a popular party – there are still plenty of guys (no pesky tourists).

Black`s Beach, San Diego

Could Black’s Beach be the biggest (and sexiest) nudist beach in America? Head north of San Diego to this amazing place, just below La Jolla. And if you see a sign that says “dangerous,” then lay down your towel and pole yourself a section. There’s plenty to see and do at this clean and crowded beach.

Haulover Beach, Miami.

Haulover Beach Park, a stretch of land between the waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, offers untouched white sand, surf, a beautiful skyline, shady picnic spots, sand dunes and a huge number of men. Up to 7,000 people turn up here on popular days, many of whom prefer the north end of the beach to shed everything off and hang out in freedom.

Little Beach, Maui

Little Beach, 650 feet long, is one of Hawaii’s most delightful nudist beaches. This tranquil spot, known since the ’60s, is popular with tourists. Natives with drums and “fire dancing” will delight you at sunset.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Vancouver. How many people do you think visit the beach in a year? 10,000, 20,000, 30,000? In fact, it is the second-largest unclothed beach in North America, and more than 100,000 people visit it every year. The beach is located at the west end of Point Grey, within the boundaries of Pacific Spirit Natural Park. Fans of an even tan can join in volleyball or group dice games. Or sample some delicious Peruvian empanadas from local vendors, or join the beach casino (in the nude, of course). And who knows, you might even hit the jackpot.

Baker Beach, San Francisco

When the fog leaves the bay and the temperature rises, sun-seekers head for the cliffs and sandy shore. Take in the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s shimmering reflection in the water. If you walk north, you can shed your clothes and join the naturism fans. Don’t worry, no one here will mind an even tan on your buttocks.

Point Hanlan, Toronto

Since 2002, Hanlan Point has had the status of a place where people can sunbathe completely freely. But before you shed your clothes, make sure you’re within the designated boundaries. It’s no trouble if the water gets too cold, there are plenty of activities on the beach. And there’s a beautiful view of Toronto on the horizon.

Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Sandy Bay is cold water, so leave your flippers in the hotel pool. The sandy beach itself is about ten miles from Cape Town and pretty far from the parking lot. But the serene forest paths leading to a stunning gay mecca will calm your excitement. Be sure to bring water, snacks, and plan your time, because if you make it here, you’ll spend a whole day at this place!

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

A nude beach in Jersey? Don’t worry, although nudism isn’t technically allowed in New Jersey, Gunnison Beach is located on the grounds of an old fortress protecting New York Harbor. Sea captain Henry Hudson discovered the place in the early 1600s. And since the ’70s, boats of New Yorkers have been pouring into the nighttime beach. Any day of the week it’s easy to find a group of naturist fans, especially on summer weekends.

Get a comfy spot early and remember to stay two meters away from your neighbors.

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